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Книга Eastern Standard Tribe. Содержание - A note about this book:

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Cory Doctorow

Eastern Standard Tribe


"Utterly contemporary and deeply peculiar-a hard combination to beat (or, these days, to find)."

— William Gibson . Author of Neuromancer

"Cory Doctorow knocks me out. In a good way."

— Pat Cadigan . Author of Synners

"Cory Doctorow is just far enough ahead of the game to give you that authentic chill of the future, and close enough to home for us to know that he's talking about where we live as well as where we're going to live; a connected world full of disconnected people. One of whom is about to lobotomise himself through the nostril with a pencil. Funny as hell and sharp as steel."

— Warren Ellis . Author of Transmetropolitan

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